St. Patrick's Day at the Ship Inn!

Join us this weekend as we celebrate everybody's favorite Irish holiday! Our menu will feature Irish specialties all weekend long including favorites like Corn Beef & Cabbage and Bangers n' Mash as well as other great dishes including:

Potato & Cheddar Soup
Garlic Prawn Salad w/ Irish Whiskey Vinaigrette
Roasted Beet & Parsnip Salad w/ Irish Whiskey Vinaigrette
Dublin Lawyer (Appetizer)-Scallops w/ Leek & Peas Rice
Pastrami & Swiss Reuben
Corn Beef & Cabbage Roll
Pork & Onions w/ Cider Gravy
Lamb Stew
Black Bean Pastie
Chocolate Stout Cake w/ Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting

Our bartenders have also crafted some incredible and festive St. Patty's cocktails like the Shamrock Sour, Irish Exit, Emerald Elixir and the Sparkling Shamrock! And of course let us not forget our incredible selection of Irish Whiskey including Red Breast 12, Barr an Uisce, Brothership, Powers, Tullamore Dew, Jameson (including the Caskmates) and one of our new favorites, Strawboys Poitin...a true Irish Moonshine!

And the best part! The entertainment! On both Friday and Saturday Lynn & Tony Hughes will regale us during dinner hours with amazing traditional Irish classics! And late night on Saturday the Blue Wave Ramblers will rock us out for an incredible nightcap!



The Ship Inn is excited to announce the launch of our first new menu! We look forward to having our guests join us to try it and let us know what they think! We still have classic British favorites like Fish & Chips but we've also incorporated some new great dishes that pair well with our in-house brewed favorites! Hope to see you soon!



The Ship Inn is proud to announce the return of exciting cultural events throughout the calendar year as we invite our guests to join us for traditional celebrations as well as open mic nights and exclusive tasting events featuring craft beer and whiskeys.


Attention Muggers!

It's time for Sweden and Georgia!

From Sweden's Omnipollo Brewery, the newest beer in our European Traveler lineup is incredible and highly rated double IPA.

And from Georgia's Terrapin Brewing, the newest beer in our American Traveler lineup is Luau Krunkles...a highly rated tropical IPA...reminding us that it can't stay cold forever!

Our new Mug Clubs are just getting started and it's never too late to join. But we do encourage you to join soon. We still have some beer from Iceland, Austria, Poland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. 

Check out our Mug Club Page down below for more details!


 "Traveler Edition" 

The new clubs offer 3 great ways to achieve beer exploration greatness! For the European and American clubs we will stock a very limited amount of bottles to enjoy for a single country or state. They will be available exclusively to our new Muggers. Once we run out it's on to the next. For our NJ club we will feature guest taps from our fellow brewers in-state. And as we've done in the past, muggers will be required to enjoy our in house brews as well. It's $20 to join each club and we'll order t-shirts for our new members. Check out our page below for more info on each club!


Single Malt Scotch
Whisky Dinner

Join us at the Ship Inn on Friday March 2nd at 7:00 for our very special Scotch Dinner. The evening will include an artfully crafted 5-Course Scottish Dinner alongside a tour of Scotlands famous distilling regions. Each course will reveal a different region and introduce you to some of Scotlands finest single malt aged whisky. 

Welcome Cocktail-Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Whisky

1st Course-Soup
Cullen Skink

Lowland-Auchentoshan 12

2nd Course-Appetizer
Smoked Salmon & Pate w/Rough Oat Cakes
Highland-GlenDronach 12

3rd Course-Salad
Mixed Greens, Haggis, Turnip & Carrots

Islands-Highland Park 12

4th Course-Entree
Stovies & Bacon Wrapped Scallops, Shrimp & Cod

Islay-Bruichladdich/Port Charlotte 10 Heavily Peated

5th Course-Dessert
Tablet & Cake w/ Lemon Curd
Speyside-Glenfiddich 14 Bourbon Barrel Reserve

The Scotch will be presented by Chess Lankford, Whisky Ambassador for Allied Beverage and our menu by Chefs Lonnie Lippert and Bob Rose.

We do encourage guests to reserve seating early and to arrive early to ensure seating. For reservations call the Ship Inn at 908-995-0188. The evening is all inclusive at $65 per guest.

For questions, ask for Joe at 908-995-0188



Join us every Tuesday night for open mic night hosted by Milfords very own Mike Wojik and Derrek Wismer. We've been joined by the most incredible array of musicians and you don't want to miss out!



Join us for traditional live music by Lynn & Tony Hughes and celebration on Friday and Saturday March 16th & 17th! Irish music, food & brews to be had for all!



The Ship Inn is the first in New Jersey since prohibition to brew beer for consumption on premise. It provides a family-friendly English pub atmosphere in the scenic Delaware valley. Enjoy craft-brewed ales, ciders, and home-made, British-inspired foods with locally sourced ingredients.

With original Victorian tin ceiling, exposed brick and beams, hatch-board tables and nautical fixtures, and an English-style brewery, The Ship Inn is a unique place to meet friends, host club gatherings, or to hold family events. We offer casual, family-friendly dining and  provide simple, home-made British and American pub food from local  sources.

Follow the links here or at the bottom of the site if you are interested in  booking an event or visiting other places of interest nearby.


Reserve by Phone

(908) 995-0188



61 Bridge Street
Milford, NJ

Kitchen Hours

Sun-Mon 12p-8:30p
Tue-Thu 12p-9p
Fri 12p-9:30p
Sat 12p-10p


Weekly Specials

We hold the following specials on a weekly basis (except holidays).

Happy Hour: Monday- Friday 4:00-6:30PM at the bar only.

Monday Dinner:  Prix Fixe $14.95: Enjoy a three course meal at prix fixe.

Tuesday Dinner: Burger and a Pint $14.95: Enjoy locally pastured, Swift Farms beef on a bun with toppings of your choice and a pint of house ale.

Wednesday Dinner: Fish & Chips and a Pint $14.95. We are known for the best fish and chips around. Partake in our 2-piece fish and chips and a pint of house ale.

Thursday Dinner: British Sampler and a Pint $14.95. A sampling of all our British savories, made in-house: Scotch Egg, cheese & onion pie, cornish pastie, sausage roll.

Friday Dinner through Sunday: We serve chef specials for the weekend.


The Ship Inn has been brewing since January of 1995. Each week we brew fine ales based on styles from the British Isles and beyond in our brick-and-wood clad Peter Austin brewing system. All of our ales made with Ringwood yeast, are unfiltered, and served off of their sediment so as to ensure conditioning of flavor. Cask-style ales such as our flagship Best Bitter are served  at cellar temperature from the beer engine with natural carbonation.  Our other ales are served slightly cooler with additional carbonation or nitrogen mix for the American palate.

On Tap at the Ship

Best Bitter: A traditional English style cask conditioned pale ale, naturally carbonated and served on our hand pump. This medium bodied house specialty has a fruity hop finish. 5.8% abv

Extra Special Bitter: This medium bodied pale ale is a copper-colored special bitter with spicy Centennial and Citra hops. 5.2% abv  

Golden Wheat: This house ale is made with a blend of malted barley and wheat, lightly hopped to produce a crisp and smooth session ale. 4.0% abv

Rye IPA: A delightful blend of barley, rye and aromatic hops give this IPA a reserved grapefruit finish. 6.0% abv                                                                     

Muddy Waters: A complex brown ale blending caramel and roasted malts. While dark in color, this ale is light bodied, crisp and refreshing. 5.4% abv

On Deck: Panhead Porter

Beer to Go

Enjoy our beer to go!

64 oz Growler $16.00 / Refill $13.00
64 oz Growler - Dine-in Special $14.00 / $11.00

32 oz Growler $10.00 / Refill $7.00
32 oz Growler - Dine-in Special 9 / Refill $6.00



In addition to our hand-crafted ales, we offer a full bar featuring the following:


Guest Bottles

Samuel Smith's
SS Organic Apple Cider
SS Organic Pear Cider
SS Organic Lager
SS Nut Brown
SS Taddy Porter
SS Imperial Stout

Crabbie's Ginger Beer
Blanche de Namur (750ml)    


Door #50-Misunderstood Ginger Whiskey, Drambuie, Cointreau, Decanter Bitters

Bee Keeper-Calamity Gin, lemon juice, honey syrup

MFC 92-Knob Creek Rye, Pimm's, simple syrup, Creole Bitters, Aromatic Bitters


Guest Taps

Ironbound Hard Cider

Devils Harvest







Velvet Revolution-Double Cross Slovakian Vodka, Pear William Czech Brandy, Simple Syrup

Imperial Spritz-A festive blend of champagne, creme de cassis and Stoli Razberi!

Milford Mule-A refreshing blend of Tito's vodka, Crabbie's ginger beer and lime



J Pinot Noir
Alamos Malbec
Souverain Merlot
Dark Horse Cabernet

Cover Run Riesling
Ecco Pinot Grigio
Souverain Sauvignon Blanc
Souverain Chardonnay


Melted Snowman-A delicious blend of Stoli Vanilla and Rumchata with a splash of fireball and cream.

Peppermint Russian-A delightful holiday take on the classic white Russian

Meghan's Apple Pie-Apple schnapps and cinnamon whiskey finished with our Golden Wheat Ale.


The literal translation given by Irish monks during the Middle ages to describe distilled alcohol in the Celtic world.

In Irish Gaelic it was known as Uisce Beatha. In Scottish Gaelic, Uisge Beatha.
We know it as Whiskey...and it pairs well with a craft brewed ale. Join us at the brewery to enjoy both.

Uisge Beatha

Speyburn 10                        
Glenfiddich 12                          
Glenlivet 12                              
Balvenie DoubleWood 12      
Macallan 12                                  
Glen Grant 18

Glenmornagie 10                    
Edradour 10                                    
Oban 14

Laphroaig 10                          
Lagavulin 16  

Auchentoshan 12 

Highland Park 12 Viking Honour

Johnnie Walker Black Label    
Dewar's White Label

Coming Soon 3/2/18 for our 5-Course Scotch Whisky Dinner           
Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt
GlenDronach 12                              
Port Charlotte 12 Heavily Peated
Glenfiddich 14 Bourbon Bbl Reserve


Uisce Beatha

Poitin (Irish Moonshine)  
Strawboys Poitin

Single Malt                                
Barr An Uisce 1803 10 Year    
Redbreast 12

Tullamore Dew                         
Powers Gold                      
Brothership (Irish/American Blend)
Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition
Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition






Jim Beam                                      
Wild Turkey                                
Buffalo Trace                            
Maker's Mark                              
Elijah Craig Small Batch      
Woodford Reserve                        
Knob Creek Small Batch 9 Year
Jefferson's Very Small Batch      
New Liberty Bloody Butcher (PA)
Basil Hayden                                
Bulleit 10 Year                        


Rye Whiskey                          
Knob Creek                                    
Dad's Hat (PA)                              
Kinsey 4 Year (PA)

Penna. Dutch Malt Whiskey (PA)
Misunderstood Ginger Whiskey


The Ship Inn/Descendants Brewing Company is excited to announce the launch of our new mug club-Traveler Edition...featuring 3 new ways to achieve beer exploration greatness! As with the old club the main objective is enjoying all of our in-house brewed beers. But each new club comes with it's own twist and perks. For the European and American clubs we will stock a very limited amount of bottles to enjoy for a single country or state. They will be available exclusively to our new Muggers. Once we run out it's on to the next tasty brew. For our NJ club we will feature guest taps from our fellow brewers in-state.

The new clubs will start out with the bottle and NJ tap challenge...and as we introduce our new Descendants Ales we'll round out each club with our in-house brewed beers. Membership is $20 per club or $45 for all 3...and we'll order you a t-shirt. Once completed of course each Mugger will earn their very on Traveler Edition Mug to proudly hang up in the brewery! Cheers to beer exploration!


European Traveler

Europe consists of 49 countries (as of right now), and we will explore as many of them as we can get our hands a few hidden nations like Scotland, Wales, Flanders & Wallonia, who may become countries by the time we're all done with our list! To complete this challenge the goal is 1 beer for every country in Europe. (And if it turns out we can't get a specific country we'll come up with a fun alternative) 


American Traveler

As we all know, our great country consists of 50 great states! As we explore beer in our own country we will be sure to provide our Muggers with the best brews we can get our hands on for each respective state! 


NJ "Student Exchange" Program

To bring it even closer to home we're excited to explore incredible brews from our friends right here in the great state of New Jersey. For this club we will "trade" kegs with willing breweries to help spread the good word about NJ beer.